Network Access Protection

Lab 11


Exercise one: Installing Network Access Protection

During this exercise I was forced to skip step 5, 6 and one step inside of 9, purey because they just would not appear as they instructed in the lab, I think the reason for this being that I may have done it once before in a previous lab and without a way to revert everything after each lab, it is hard to keep track of what I have done.

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Exercise two: Configuring Network Access Protection

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Exercise three: Configuring a NAP Client

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Exercise four: Testing Network Access Protection

When asked to run the command prompt and type in ipconfig/release or ipconfig/renew, I am given the same error message “The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation”, this could be from the fact that I skipped those few steps in the beginning. I went back to try and redo them but the fact I could not do them, still remained the same.

I also did not know what the commands were trying to do, so I did a little research.
ipconfig /release is executed to force the client to immediately give up its lease by sending the server a DHCP release notification which updates the server’s status information and marks the old client’s IP address as “available”. Then, the command ipconfig /renew is executed to request a new IP address.

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Exercise five: Circumventing Network Access Protection

When trying to ping the server, the ping request could not find the server, then when I check my ip address, it was changed by an auto-configuration.

Even after changing the IP address, I still could not ping the SERVER.

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