Unity Assets

Unity’s asset store has thousands of helpful assets, in this blog I will be talking about two specific assets that I am using for my project.

SteamVR plugin

The SteamVR SDK allows developers to target a single interface that will work with all major virtual reality headsets from seated to room scale experiences. Additionally, it provides access to tracked controllers, chaperoning, render models for tracked devices. SteamVR’s compositor allows you to preview your content in VR using Unity’s play mode, while leaving the normal game window to act as your companion screen on the main monitor.

This is a free to download plugin, created by Valve Corporation. This plugin is essential to the development for VR games in Unity. It supports all headsets, and provides you with the basic setup for the tracking of the controllers and headset as well as the camera rig/play area set up. This is extremely helpful as I think learning to do these specific things would be very time consuming.

They do provide some simple scripts to help with movement or interacting with objects but nothing that I found useful for my demo.

From this asset all I am using is the play area set-up and tracked objects scripts.

Literally this plugin allows you to turn any 3D world into a VR game, as long as the world is scaled to make the Camera set up seem like your human size, this is more for immersion. As a beginner developer, this asset is extremely handy. All you really need to do with this plugin is add the asset “[Camera Rig]” and have your VR headset set up and that is all that is required. although you won’t be able to move without creating a movement script.

VRTK (Virtual Reality Tool Kit)

VRTK is a collection of useful scripts and concepts to aid building VR solutions rapidly and easily in Unity3d 5+.

It covers a number of common solutions such as:

  • Locomotion within virtual space.
  • Interactions like touching, grabbing and using objects
  • Interacting with Unity3d UI elements through pointers or touch.
  • Body physics within virtual space.
  • 2D and 3D controls like buttons, levers, doors, drawers, etc.
  • And much more…

As I was researching for a locomotion that would cause less motion sickness, I was also looking for a way to implement it. Using a Move-in-place locomotion was best suited for the situation, that is what I believe anyway. I researched different ways of implementation but none were as good as the implementation method used in this asset. With this asset downloaded and used, I was rapidly able to improve my game, as they provided the locomotion I required.

This asset is great and simple to use, they provide a whole webpage dedicated to how to use the assets contents. It also requires the SteamVR plugin for it to work properly for the HTC Vive.


These two assets have helped me rapidly develop my project, and I will be implementing them into the game demo, as they will make up the player itself.


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