Movement In VR

I started working on a Quick VR game, to mainly implement movement inside a VR environment using the Touch Pad on the Vive controllers. Because for my Game the player will need to have the feeling of running away, teleportation, which is the most likely movement inside of VR was out of the question. Teleportation is recommended because it causes less nausea or motion sickness, where as the moving forward technique is more likely to give you motion sickness.

I started by creating a quite a large world to walk around in, then using the SteamVR assets available in the asset store of Unity I created a Player Model. Well created a empty game object and attached the CameraRig to it, the camera rig is the players visual which also has the two controllers attached to it. On the right hand controller I created a movement script that would allow the player to move by touching the touch pad, however the buttons were inverted and when testing, I could see why the motion sickness was an issue. But I have recently started working on a new movement method which should hopefully help with that issue. For now, I think the movement script was a light success in the fact that it worked, although another issue I had was forgetting to try and code the head mounted display into the script for turning, instead the touch pad was used which didn’t really make it any easy.

Maybe I will hold off on working on the new method until I give the Head mounted display a go.

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