UXD with Programming pt. 1

So the last blog post I had done about UXD was still in fact true but it was mainly based around how to go about with the UXD of a website, this blog post will clarify how it should be done when it comes to programming. The purpose of the research into UXD is to use it as a sort of methodology or process, to help with the implementation and report.

Most of the information gathered was mainly from a 3 part blog post done by Dupla Studios. UX in game development

Through them I was able to understand how a game developer would go about using the UX to benefit their game development. It was also very informative, and by the end of reading through the blogs I was able to create my own process that could be used as a form of methodology, although unaware that it is even worth using, it is still helping me in some way.

Part one: Ideation

Ideation is when a game developer (team also) has an idea and is trying to determine the concept, genre and classification of the game.

This phase is used to tap into the mind of your gamer/user, even without knowing what they want. Using UX research, we get real data from potential customers that will determine some of the functionality of the system, whether some ideas will be dropped or further developed. UX Research uses various techniques to help get the information they require from the potential users: Focus groups, surveys and industry reporting, they also use a mix of original and secondary research.

This process can point you in the right direction for the development of your game, if their is no clear path that you can follow. In short it can’t tell you what to build, but it can stop you from building the wrong thing.

Basically this phase is all about identifying the audience of the game, a game developer could have an idea on a game but not know who his audience is, thus User Research is implemented. User research can be used to help with a number of situations, but it all falls under UX Research.

  • You can narrow your focus don early by researching questions about what you think your audience would prefer.
  • Eliminate unnecessary features.
  • UX Research can help find out if the setting for a game would increase or decrease interest with the game.
  • The more ideas you put out the clearer the opportunity.

Their are few other methods that can be helpful in this phase. Going through forums, forums are a great source of information when it comes to the users, identifying a game that would be similar to yours in some manner, you will be able to read about things the users liked, disliked or what could of been better, this could help with the design of your game. Also, searching through competitive reviews is another source.

Another method which was actually a part of the WEB dev. UXD, was observation observing how people use the system, the reason for this is because it can help with the game mechanics, fitting the controls to suit how the player would play this game can improve the outcome.

As a side note, research questions that would arise during this phase can also be solved through design decisions, which is what fits the game, own research behind the questions.

So from this phase what I got from it was the first initial step to my process of UXD:

  • Idea
  • UX & User Research – Research questions, surveys, questionnaires, S.T.I (Sift through information), Observation Etc.

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