In Depth with UXD (User Experience Design)


Is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product. In terms to my project it would be based around how the AI interacts with the player to stimulate a sort of emotion.

UX describes a collection of activities that you do in order to create. primarily on digital devices, experiences for users. Everything from research to the definition of what you’re actually doing , to the design of the UI, visual design, user testing, development etc. everything basically has to do with UX or falls under that catergory. Everything is focused around the user.

My Product

My all round product, is a game that influences fear into the user. The game will have a game AI that will help with the immersion of the game environment and it will all be implemented into a VR environment.

The environment itself is set in an old building, the player will need to traverse through the building while the AI is coming after them, the AI will have abilities to make the game harder and more challenging.


Identifying my Users.

The users I am targeting, are gamers generally, people above the age of 16 as I feel would be the appropriate age for someone to be able to play a horror based game. But basically anyone who enjoys excitement in games and wants a little adventure.

  • Gamers
  • 16yrs +
  • Adults
  • Anyone who is interested really

What are the User challenges?

  • To escape the building.
  • Avoid the AI.
  • Game Interactions.
  • Avoid making loud noises.
  • Stopping the erg to investigate

What are the solutions?

  • Provide hints.
  • Give AI a specific sound.
  • Doors, locks,  hidden passages, piano mechanism etc.
  • Specific items making noises, running loud, walking soft (example)
  • Noise from afar, voice?


Prioritizing the most important bits of the challenges and solutions comes next when thinking of the product. Obviously not everything can be included, so prioritizing around 3 or 4 should be what is focused on for now, doesn’t necessarily mean that the others will not be touched as we can always come back to them.

User Challenges/Solutions:

  • To escape the building – Provide Hints
  • Avoid AI – Specific AI noise
  • Game Interactions – Doors, Locks, Items etc.

Visual Design

Next would be to draw up a storyboard of the game itself, quick example of the user interface, scene scenarios etc, this is to get an understanding of how the user will transition around the map, obstacles they will face, and to see if what is being put together is going to work towards the end product.

Note: Brief explanation of How UXD works. Not finished !!!



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