Supervisor Discussion #2

Friday 19/08/2017

Meeting with Craig involved talking about the direction of my project. As my research was going under way, it felt like my project was expanding into too many directions and not focused enough on a single direction. This caused me to feel a bit overwhelmed and overthinking what I needed to do and what I should do.

Talking with Craig, he was able to help me set up a direction I should aim for, he first suggested I draw up a skill tree and go over what I’ve covered so far with games AI’s, simple and effective, It was able to help me understand what I should be aiming for next with my Game AI which was good.

We talked about what is the best way to go about creating a Game AI that would influence better user experience and how the experts would go about doing this as well, these were subjects given to me to research, to help with the direction of my Game AI, well I was to decide after doing the research.

Talking with Craig I was able to conduct a suitable plan to work with and a goal to head towards.


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