Proposal update + Game AI Research

Beginning with the proposal, after having the supervisor discussion, had to have a big think about which way i was going to take my project. To create an Immersive world or research and implement into AI based entities in a VR environment.

Before deciding on which one to go with, I needed to define what an AI is in terms to video games. Because they are not generally typical AI entities. My Game AI research supported that claim, that AI’s in video games are not “true” AI beings, but are instead entities that are programmed to generate human like intelligence, they are generated with a limited amount of responses and inputs but do not facilitate computer learning like a general AI entity, which is what separates them from traditional AI’s, Game AI’s are typically seen as NPC’s (Non-Player Characters).

Once I was able to define what an AI is, in terms to video games, I was able to decide on what my project will be based around. Research on Game AI’s in a VR Environment with implementation of a VR demo demonstrating what I have learnt from the research.

Further resaerch into Game AI’s lead me into learning about two movement methods used for Game AI’s. These methods are called Pathfinding and Navigation.

Pathfinding is used on NPC’s to get them from Point A to Point B on a map, it takes into consideration of terrain and obstacles.

Navigation is a sub field of Game AI, it focuses more on giving NPCs the ability to navigate around their environment, finding a path to their destination, while avoiding collisions and even collaborating with other entities.

These methods can generally be seen in real-time strategy games. While getting more in depth with pathfinding, it was mentioned that pathfinding has two problems that can be fixed using a set of algorithms. The first problem is finding a path between two nodes, this can be fixed using the Breadth-first and Depth-first , these two together fix the problem by iterating over the paths till it reaches the destination node. The second problem is finding the shortest route, this can be fixed by using the A * (A Star) and Dijkstra’s algorithms, they fix the problem by going over the tree or graph and strategically eliminating paths.

I will be going more in depth into these two methods for my project as they may become crucial pieces for programming the movement of the Game AI. Pathfinding vs Navigation or if it is possible to use both of them in one entity.

I want to do this sort of project to expand my knowledge in VR environments but also to expand my knowledge in game interfaces, programming etc. I want to see just what makes a Game AI tick, the types of behaviors it can function on and more over. The newly written proposal is more focused on this aspect, and is a lot more clearer on what this project will be focused around.


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