Project Proposal

The project I have in mind for the course will be based around research and implementation of a Virtual Environment/Reality.

Virtual Reality is a major interest of mine, and I want to be able to advance my knowledge in that field. I want to create a Horror VR game, I think it would be so cool to do!! I will need to think of a plot if it gets approved.

I already had a proposal prepared for PRJ701 thought RES701, using the feedback I received from RES701 for my proposal, I needed to make some minor changes to the proposal, mainly to with the timeline, as I never specified how long it would take me to learn how to use Unity and some what master C# coding. Also the timeline I provided with the proposal was not realistic at all, so the timetable of the work needed to be updated majorly.

Adding to the timeline, I recently found an online course through Udemy that would take up to 45 hours to complete, the online course was about using Unity and C#. For me, this was the perfect way to begin working through my project, having the skill to . The other changes were just updated dates and hours for the activities to be done in.

I was also a little worried that the project wasn’t specific enough in what I want to achieve, but after reviewing the paper and not having any clear evidence of that being an issue from the RES701 feedback, I let it slide, if there is an issue with it hopefully the project coordinator will be able to let me know before the final hand in deadline, so I can then make the necessary changes in order to begin the project.


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