Copied exercise

Description of area of IT that interests you

I am interested about game development and virtual realities/environments.


Why is it interesting to you

I enjoy playing games and want to create my own in the future and with virtual environments i want to create an immersive game for people to play.


Three things you know about it

  1. Virtual Environment techniques for manipulating and grabbing objects.
  2. Immersion and presence for virtual environments .
  3. Game dev relies on a lot of trial and error
  4. Polhemus Isotrak – position tracking device in virtual environments


Three things you believe about it

  1. I believe that virtual environments can help people
  2. I believe it takes more than one person to create something within this subject
  3. I believe that virtual environments will lead technology into the next greatest game tech discovery or something


Three things you don’t know about it

  1. Technology behind virtual environments
  2. Creation the virtual world in panoramic views for immersion
  3. Creation and deploying of an online game, real time application
  4. Implementing objects in virtual environments
  5. 3-D maneuvering
  6. Navigation


Find an online resource about it – (post url)

Construct 10 (interesting!) questions about your topic


How do you implement 3-D Maneuvering ?


Should i know about photography in order to understand panoramic views?


What process will i need to know in order to create a fully functional immersive world?


What software applications will i need in order to create a virtual game environment?


What should i know about virtual environments before trying to create one?


Who would be some good people to talk about or read about in terms to game creation and virtual environments?


Who is the leading company when it comes to virtual environments?


What sort of software do you need for virtual environments? (in general)


Does the head-mounted display and hand controllers require you to incorporate code for them to be able to interact with objects in a game? And if yes, how do you do that?


How well do traditional game mechanics transfer over to virtual environment?


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