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Information Architecture
This is a blog solely about the information architecture documentation for milestone one.

Before working on the document itself i needed to read and analyse the project brief given to us to work off of. Using the project brief i was able to figure out a basic understanding of the requirements for the website and produce a basic introduction and user requirement.

Web milestone one
Project Brief^

At first working on the user requirements, I had no idea what it involved at first but had a general understanding that it had something to do with website requirements or at least the user side requirements for the website, but i had to research it anyway. In the user requirement area i talked about general functionality of the website which is basically what it said to write about with user requirements. With the general functionality i basically talked about the functional requirements and how everything will work on the website, not in great detail though. Basically what i hope it will end up doing.

How I ended up doing the information architecture was by using the WEBMONKEY website, they have the tutorial, so i followed the tutorial basically.

After completing the introduction and user requirements, moved onto working on the site goals, the goals were not clearly made apparent in the project brief but from what they have said, i was able to deduct a purpose, short term, long term goals, an intended audience and why people will come to the website. This was the first part of the information architecture tutorial.

Defining the user experience was the next phase of working on the information architecture, the audience list i had written down were as followed:

  • Domestic businesses – purchasing
  • global businesses – purchasing
  • individual buyers
  • other growers

I didn’t think about adding people who were interested in joining the website, they would of been a good addition to the information architecture. Next i had to carefully analyse each audience’s needs and goals of using the website.


Moving on to the scenarios of the each audience, basically i just made up a story of how each audience would use the website. I should of explained how they could of used the auction system of the website. This completed this part of the information architecture.

Next moving on to the competitive analysis, i had to find some websites that worked in the wool industry or whatever. In the project brief they mentioned a website that interested them which was Wine Nelson. The other two websites in analysed were Wools of New Zealand and New Zealand Wool Services. First thing to do was draw up a competitive grid and rate certain aspects of those websites out of 10.


Next thing to do was talk about the pros and cons of each website, this was helpful to me because i was able to think of functions and what not that would be helpful for the website i will be developing. By taking certain aspects of the website and adding them to the one that will be in development. Taking screenshots was also a good way to display information in the IA. I did this for each of the websites. After finishing analyzing each of the websites i had some idea of what the website would look like and function.

Working on the Site Content this is where i discuss the content and functional requirements of the website. After which i then grouped the content into a diagram of sorts .


Not perfect but i think i was able to this correctly.

Next was the site structure this park i had a lot of trouble with mainly with the, metaphor explanation, which i kind of know for a fact i may not have done correctly but did what i could. Site structuring list was next.

The next part of the IA was working on the architectural blueprint, which is thought i did a great job with, i created my own legend so that who ever was viewing it would know what the different shapes were.


Next on the list, i worked on global and local navigation, explained what those systems would be, after which i spent the last piece of the IA working on visual design, layout grids and page mock-ups which are im pretty sure, exact representations of the website to be, but not exactly everything.

example of the IA work.

And this is the end of my IA blog.


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